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Wharton Alumni Angels

Headquarters Location

United States, San Francisco


Wharton Alumni Angels is the famous VC, which was founded in 2016. The main department of described VC is located in the San Francisco. The fund was located in North America if to be more exact in United States.

The standard case for the fund is to invest in rounds with 3-4 partakers. Despite the Wharton Alumni Angels, startups are often financed by Acceleprise, Urban Us, Right Side Capital Management. The meaningful sponsors for the fund in investment in the same round are Urban Us, URBAN-X, Stout Street Capital. In the next rounds fund is usually obtained by Urban Us, Radical Ventures, Innovation Works.

Among the most popular portfolio startups of the fund, we may highlight Ant Financial, RoadBotics, Node. Among the most popular fund investment industries, there are E-Commerce, Software. Besides, a startup requires to be at the age of 2-3 years to receive the investment from the fund. The fund has specific favorite in a number of founders of portfolio startups. For fund there is a match between the country of its foundation and the country of its the most frequent investments - United States.

The high activity for fund was in 2018. The fund is constantly included in 2-6 deals per year. When the investment is from Wharton Alumni Angels the average startup value is 5-10 millions dollars. The usual things for fund are deals in the range of more than 100 millions dollars.

The current fund was established by Balaji Sivasubramanian, Ben Orthlieb, David Mes, John Braze. Besides them, we counted 4 critical employees of this fund in our database.

Year Founded


Fund Activity


Group Appearance [how often fund is operating separately from groups with shared interest]

75.0% of cases

Investments per Year [average amount of rounds in which fund participates each year]


Follow-on Index [how often fund is ready to support its portfolio startup at next rounds]

11.5% of cases

Average Portfolio Company
Exit Age [the average age of portfolio startups at which they go public or become acquired]

6.8 years

Success / Strategy Similarity
Index [the matching between fund's investment strategy and its proved successes in the form of portfolio startups high valuations]

0.35 out of 1

Number of Unicorns [amount of portfolio companies, which were valuated at more then $1B]


Number of Decacorns [amount of portfolio companies, which were valuated at more then $10B]


Number of Hectocorns [amount of portfolio companies, which were valuated at more then $100B]


Number of Minotaurs [amount of portfolio companies, which raised more then $1B in total]


Funds Investing in Previous

Acceleprise, Urban Us, Right Side Capital Management

Funds Investing Together

Urban Us, URBAN-X, Stout Street Capital

Funds Investing in Following

Urban Us, Radical Ventures, Innovation Works

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