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Your ideal investor may be where you are not looking

Get a list of relevant investors relevant specifically for you, in under a minute.

Still looking for the “one and only”? There’s another way of going about this.
Supercharge your fundraising activities with a huge stream of relevant funds that are ready to consider cold contacts.
Get at list of relevant investors

There is no magic, just mathematics

Our algorithm analyses 300K deals and 50K investors to find the most relevant investors for you

what perks you get
Invisible funds
You will get investors that are not so obvious but can nevertheless be a good match.
Active funds
You won’t get any fund that hasn’t made a single investment within the last 2 years.
what can you do with the list
Prioritize correctly
You will get investors that are relevant for you. We screen out all funds that don’t match your profile.
connect with decision makers
For most of the funds we provide decision makers together with their contact information.

How our approach is different

What should you describe
Time to complete a query
Investors ranking
Your case
Geography match
Industry match
Investors activity
Your investor
30+ minutes
By portfolio size
May appear in portfolio 1 time
Strict match
Strict match
Not taken into account
Unicorn Nest
Your startup
1 minute
Scoring points from 20+ matching rules
Comparatively dominates the portfolio
Physical distance to funds and partners is taken into account. Location of the portfolio as well
Neighboring industries most relevant to the chosen one
Only investors having invested within the last 2 years


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Our lists generate up to 5%* response rate after cold outreach. You may get as high as 40 calls from one list if you have a killer product and messaging.
72% of investors respond to cold emails.*
* based on our data
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to log in with my LinkedIn account?
We use your LinkedIn account to verify your personality. We don’t have access to any of your data except your name, profile picture and email. We never post on your behalf.
How much does your service cost?
We use a freemium model. That said, you can conduct one smart search for free and browse the database as you like. If you want to make more searches or get advanced data about funds, you can choose your plan here.
It seems to me that some investors are not relevant. Why so?
We use a scoring system that awards points for VCs for each of the matching data points. Investors that have scored the most points get on top. Sometimes they score so highly on certain criteria (e.g. extremely relevant by industry) that they get on top despite not being an exact match on other criteria (e.g. geography). Since we cannot take into account 100% of all important factors, some of the suggested funds may seem irrelevant on one or multiple criteria. However, they are never put on the list randomly. This approach allows us to isolate patterns in the behavior of funds that are invisible to the human eye, and, most importantly, are based solely on verified facts.
I was told that getting warm intros is the only way to contact investors. Why should I believe you?
That’s simple. If a VC only accepts warm intros, that means that they place more value on the quality of the founder’s network than on the quality of their startup and product. Good network builders now win over great entrepreneurs. This shouldn’t be like that, and many VCs start to realize this. Our research shows that up to 72% of VCs read cold emails. They just don’t like getting irrelevant emails which have nothing to do with their investment focus. With our tool you won’t get into the wrong mailbox. There will always be a match in industry and stage.
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