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Why Unicorn Nest
Discover investors that you would otherwise miss out
We build a big picture, and think outside the box when it comes to investor search. We suggest the funds investing in the neighboring industries when it makes sense. We also use advanced geo rules that include fund’s office locations, key persons location and geography of portfolio companies. We give extra weight to distances that can be covered by car and by short flights to increase the chance of investment.
Focus on relevant investors
Your fiinal list of funds will be sorted based on the points awarded by our scoring algorithm. The most relevant funds will score very high on several criteria. Those 20-50 funds are the most important ones for you. Prioritize your outreach accordingly.
Answer simple questions about your startup
You don’t need to guess what kind of fund you should be looking for. You never know for sure. Just answer questions about your startup, the ones that you know best. We will do the rest.
Our dataset

We use machine learning to collect and verify all the data.
Completeness of data ensures precision of the scoring algorithm



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Key Persons


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Where we get our Data
We use web scraping, semi-manual data collection and then fill the gaps with machine learning tools to
extract information from different sources
Press & Media
Connection to external approved databases
Funds & Startups Websites
Data from government monitoring agencies
VC Data Providers
Real-time tracking of press sources from VC world
Social Networks
Monitoring of all changes through web-spiders
Regulatory Filings
Tracking all relevant profiles with NLP
Researches &
Enriching the dataset with help of analytics teams
47% of total money raised in 2019 were raised in cross-border investments.

We know this, and thousands more facts about fundraising.
We also know how to use these insights to find investors for you.
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