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Cold emailing for startups: How to contact investors

Cold emailing for startups: How to contact investors

Startups use plenty of communication methods to reach out to investors. Cold emailing contacts is not considered the most effective of them. Yet, Unicorn Nest is currently building a tool that could change cold emailing by helping startups quickly set up emails and manage all communications with funds (you can learn more and join the waitlist here). In this article, I show how our advanced cold emailing method can help you reach the right investors.  A potential investor receives up to 600 emails any given day. A startup needs to break through this cascade of information and make sure the right person gets the right message. An entrepreneur also may need to write at least three to five emails to these select investors. This strategy can be called “the rule of five touches,” trying to make contact with a potential investor five times. Finally, startup entrepreneurs need to track their […]

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