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Besides them, we counted 3 critical employees of this fund in our database.

The fund is constantly included in less than 2 deals per year. The top activity for fund was in 2008.

Among the most popular portfolio startups of the fund, we may highlight VFinity. Among the most popular fund investment industries, there are Internet, Enterprise Software.

The typical case for the fund is to invest in rounds with 1 participant. Despite the Wellspring Investments, startups are often financed by FoodFutureCo.

Fund Activity

Not operative

Mail Rule [rules by which you can get an email of an interesting for you fund employee, knowing only the name and surname of this employee]

Domain name: wellspringcapital.com; User name format in descending order of probability: first_initial last, last

Group Appearance [how often fund is operating separately from groups with shared interest]

100.0% of cases

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