Top 20 Software Engineering Investors in Eastern Asia That Took Part in the Most Seed Funding Rounds

Top 20 Software Engineering Investors in Eastern Asia That Took Part in the Most Seed Funding Rounds


The ongoing digitalization of the world provides society with the demand of more specialists in the IT sphere, who will create a connection between humans and machines. Software engineering is one of the branches of the IT industry, which focuses on the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. Its performance is based on software development applications, web development, and quantum computing, as well as quality assurance, iOS and Android development. VC funds and corporate investors all over the world actively invest in Software Engineering, and Eastern Asia is not an exception. The amount of Seed funding rounds in this area has skyrocketed: 22 rounds make up 23.4% of the total amount over the last 2 years. The following article represents the top 20 investors according to their activity in participation in the funding rounds.

Top 20 Software Engineering Investors in Eastern Asia That Took Part in the Most Seed Funding Rounds
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Key takeaways

  • Funds GeographyJapan holds the record for hosting most of the VCs, exactly 13 of them, while its capital – Tokyo – is the leader too, appearing as home to 11 funds. Other funds can be found in China and South Korea. Specifying the cities, there are VCs in Shanghai, Fukuoka and Beijing. Japan startups receive the most investitions, followed by the ones from The United States, China and Kenya. In general, funds tend to invest in startups, which they share the home country with.
  • Industry Focus – The Finance field receives most investitions from the funds, sharing some of them with the Gamification, Telecommunications and Art (Auctions) spheres.
  • Important YearsBack in 1983 the oldest fund appeared, while 2017 became the peak of the funds’ establishment. The youngest one appeared only 2 years ago – in 2019. The most fruitful period of time started in 2014 and extends till nowadays, whereas the biggest amount of deals was made in 2019.
  • Investments2 funding rounds per year is the average for the sampled VCs, followed by the tendency of 7-12 ones. The lowest value of this variable reaches 5, while the most active fund participated in 433 rounds. The average value is 102.5, meanwhile the median reaches 44.0. Most commonly, VCs take part in 10 rounds. Lead investments’ value starts at 0.0 and grows up to 57. Its average is 10.0, with a median of 3.0. It is most usual for funds not to participate in lead investments. The index of difference of such activity ranges between -21.0 and 29.0, with 16.05 and 17.44 being its average and median, respectively. The most common value is 29.0, which leads to the conclusion that the sampled funds are used to acting more like lead investors, in comparison with other funds’ behaviour.
  • Typical RoundsVCs most commonly take part in rounds with 2-3 investors, less often this number reaches 4-5. The usual range for the round size is below 100 thousands, less funds reach the numbers from 100 thousands to 1 million. The Funds’ average multiplicator for portfolio starts with zero value and rises till 200000000.0. Its value averages at 10000000.09, and has a zero value as both median and mode.
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