Top 20 Private Equity investors with the in Industrial field over the recent years

Top 20 Private Equity investors with the in Industrial field over the recent years


Industry is one of the most important and fundamental fields as its share in the world output reaches 25%. The Industry field is vital for the economic growth and development as it increases employment, productivity and value added of manufactured goods. This field is focused on supplies, equipment, and machinery that are used to produce other goods rather than sold directly to consumers. Due to the importance and growth of the field it attracts investors. For the last five years the industrial field raised $74.2B, which is 19.3% of the total amount of money raised in Private Equity.


Top 20 Private Equity investors with the in Industrial field over the recent years
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Key takeaways

  • Funds Geography –  VCs are mostly located in North America which is home for 16 funds and 14 of them are located in The United States. In North America, also, located the most common cities of funds` establishment with New York which is home to 8 funds, Houston, Boston and Toronto. There are also funds from Eastern Asia and Western Europe.  Beyond The United States funds are, also, established in Canada, The United Kingdom and Russia. VCs tend to invest in startups from The United States, but also invest in startups from China, Japan, and Canada while the majority of funds tend to invest in the country of their establishment.
  • Industry Focus – The funds mostly in Finance, but, also, in Business Development, Real Estate and Social sphere.
  • Important Years – Funds are different in their age while the oldest fund in the sample was founded in 1937 and the newest one in 2018, but 1988 was the most common year for the funds` establishment. VCs in the sample made the most deals in the period from 2005 to 2021 and for some funds, 2019 was the year with the most amount of deals. The biggest number of successful exits happened between 2006 and 2020 years and for some funds, 2018 became the year with the most successful exits.
  • Investments – Usually VCs take part in 2 funding rounds per year, sometimes in 7 – 12, but the minimum number of funding rounds for VCs in the sample is 1, the maximum is 330. Average number of funding rounds is 87.2 while median is 63.5. Minimum amount of lead investments for funds is 0 and maximum is 112. Average amount of lead investments is 26.8 while median is 15.5. The most common number of lead investments is 2. Index of difference in percentage points of lead investments from the average is between -56.71 and 29.0 for funds in the sample. The average value for this difference is -5.32 and the median is -4.99. It means that these funds act as lead investors less often than other funds.
  • Typical Rounds – VCs usually participate in rounds with 2 – 3 investors, sometimes in rounds with 7 – 8 investors with the most common round size of 100-500 million. Less commonly the round size was less than 100 thousands. A Funds’ average multiplicator for portfolio companies at the last known valuation is 0.0 at minimum and 2000000000.0 at maximum. Average value for this multiplicator is 219872222.58 and median is 1.01. The most common multiplicator value is 0.0.
Industrial Private Equity
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