Top 20 Business Development investors in Western Europe over the recent years

Top 20 Business Development investors in Western Europe over the recent years


The article features top 20 investors from Western Europe according to the total amount of funding rounds. These VC funds and corporations invested in Early stage over the last 2 years mostly in Business Development industry which is focused on helping a business to grow, including consulting, business processes outsourcing, subscription services, and so on.

It includes Amount of Early funding rounds is 170, which is 29.1% of the total amount of rounds in the Business Development industry in Western Europe over the last 2 years.

Top 20 Business Development investors in Western Europe over the recent years
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Key takeaways

  • Funds Geography – Funds are mostly located in Germany which hosts 7 funds but also in The United Kingdom, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Berlin and London are most popular cities of establishmant which host 5 funds each. Funds are also located in such cities as Munich and Zug. VCs tend to invest in startups from Germany, but also invest in startups from The United States, The United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Majority of funds tends to invest in the country of their establishment.
  • Industry Focus – Funds mostly invest in Finance, but also in Business Development, Gamification and Banking.
  • Important Years – Funds have disparity in their age. The oldest fund in the sample was founded in 1876 and the newest one in 2019. Largest amount of funds were founded in 2000. VCs in the sample made the most deals in the period from 2014 to 2020. For some funds, 2020 was the year with the most amount of deals. 2021 was the peak for successful exits. 2017, 2014, and 2020 are the runner ups.
  • Investments – Usually VCs take part in 2 and in 2 – 6 funding rounds per year, while minimum number of funding rounds for VCs in the sample is 3 and the maximum is 303. Average number of funding rounds is 103.7 while median is 79.5. The most common amount of funding rounds for VCs in the sample is 69. Minimum amount of lead investments for funds is 0 and maximum is 89. Average amount of lead investments is 28.3 while median is 20.0. The most common amount of lead investments is 18. Index of difference in percentage points of lead investments from the average is between -40.57 and 29.0 for funds in the sample. The average value for this difference is 0.3 and the median is 1.23. It means that these funds act as lead investors more often than other funds. The most common value is 29.0.
  • Typical Rounds – Funds participate in rounds with 3 – 4 or 2 – 3 investors. Mostly round size for VCs in the sample is less than 100 thousands. Less common range is 10 – 50 million. A Funds’ average multiplicator for portfolio companies at the last known valuation is 0.0 at minimum and 0.63 at maximum. Average value for this multiplicator is 0.09 and median is 0.02. The most common multiplicator value is 0.0.
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