Digital Media Industry: Eastern Asia’s Top 19 Investors According To Sum of Seed Funding Rounds

Digital Media Industry: Eastern Asia’s Top 19 Investors According To Sum of Seed Funding Rounds


The Digital Media industry focuses on digitized content or information that can be transferred through the internet and various electronic devices. It includes recently popularized fields such as music and video streaming, blogging platformspodcasts, and online portals, in addition to fields that are slowly starting to migrate into the industry, such as newspapers and TV. The industry encompassed many different formats of creating and sharing content. As the industry continues to grow, with many traditional mediums, such as newspapers and television now turning to digital media to expand their audience, investors are on the lookout for creative startups in the industry.

The following article and chart outline the top 19 investors in Eastern Asia, including VC funds and corporate investors, that have been and are currently investing in the Digital Media industry. Specifically, the given investors have invested in the Seed stage over the last years. The money raised in these funding rounds in Eastern Asia amounts to $20.1B, accounting for 93.8% of the total amount of money raised in Seed rounds in the Digital Media Industry over the last 4 years.

Digital Media Industry: Eastern Asia’s Top 19 Investors According To Sum of Seed Funding Rounds
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Key takeaways

  • Funds Geography – China is home to most VCs, hosting 13 funds. Also notable are funds from Japan and South KoreaBeijing is the most common city, home to funds. There are also funds from TokyoShanghai, and Shenzhen. The majority of the funds in the sample tend to invest in startups from their country of establishment, so most will invest in startups from China. However, they are also willing to invest in startups from The United StatesJapan, and South Korea.
  • Industry Focus  – The funds’ most common field of investment is Finance, however, they are also willing to invest in GamificationTelecommunications, and Industrial fields.
  • Important Years – The oldest fund in the sample was founded in 1858 and the newest in 2019. The most amount of funds was founded in 2010. When it comes to deals, VCs in the samples made the most deals in the period from 2014 to 2020. It is worth noting that, for some funds, 2018 was the year with the most amount of deals.
  • Investments – VCs will usually take part in 2-6 funding rounds per year. The number of funding rounds for VCs in the sample ranges from to 687, with the average falling at 95.8 and the median dipping below it at 24.0. Coincidentally, the median is the same as the most common amount of funding rounds for VCs in the sample. When it comes to lead investments, the amount for funds in the sample ranges from 0 to 113. The average amount of lead investments falls at 16.4 while the median and the most common amount coincide once again, this time at 4. The index of difference in percentage points of lead investments can help determine how likely the given funds are to act as lead investors. For this sample, the value ranges from -10.8 at the minimum and 29.0 at the maximum. The average falls close to the middle at 11.39 and the median just below it at 11.24. The most common value, however, sits lower at -4.33. This data indicates that these funds will act as lead investors more often than other funds.
  • Typical Rounds – VCs will typically participate in rounds with 2-3 investors and will participate less often in rounds with 3-4 investors. The most common round size for VCs in the sample is less than 100 thousand and a less common range is 100 thousand – 1 million. The funds’ average multiplier for portfolio companies at the last known valuation ranges from 0.0 at the minimum and 0.33 at the maximum. The average for the multiplier falls at 0.06 and the median and most common value coincide at 0.0.
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