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Customer data platform ActionIQ extends its latest funding round to $100M

– ActionIQ, which helps companies use their customer data to deliver personalized experiences, is announcing that it has extended its Series C funding, bringing the round to a total size of $100 million.
– The funding includes the $32 million that ActionIQ announced in January of last year.
– The company is framing this as an extension rather than a separate round because it comes from existing investors — including March Capital — and because ActionIQ still has most of that $32 million in the bank.
– The company continues to develop the core platform, for example by introducing more support for real-time data and analysis.
– The company also argued that as regulators and large platforms restrict the ways that businesses can buy and sell third-party data, products like ActionIQ, focusing on the first-party data that companies collect for their own use, will become increasingly important.

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