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Unique scoring algorithm picking the most relevant investors based on 50+ criteria

The fullest dataset of investors, deals and startups on the market based on

ML-powered data search

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Examines 200+ industries and offers 5+ mln search results combinations
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Constanly updated,
machine learning-powered dataset

Rich dataset is the basis of high-quality search results. We use machine learning to collect and verify all the data. Completeness of data combined with regular updates ensure extreme precision of the scoring algorithm

7,5 mln cells

with data

60 cells

about each deal

50 deals

added each day

Data about deals

since 2000

How Our algorithm Works

Here are some examples of dozens of rules that our algorithm has under the hood

Geographic proximity
Geographical proximity of the fund is an important factor in fundraising. We give extra weight to distances that can be covered by car and by short flights to increase the chance of investment.
Round Size
We reveal niche investors usually overlooked by scoring algorithms by analyzing what part of the total investment of the fund accounts for the size requested by the startup. Thus, we discover investors not overloaded by the deal flow.
Focus Industry
We build a big picture and also suggest the funds investing in the neighboring industries when it makes sense. They will probably invest in you to strengthen their portfolio companies.
Startup Valuation
Our algorithms correlate an MRR with a valuation startups can qualify for. You can try different combinations of MRR and industries to define your strategy and customize your pitch deck for different investors.
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