Top 20 North-American Transportation Investors with the Biggest Sum of Funding Rounds

Top 20 North-American Transportation Investors with the Biggest Sum of Funding Rounds


Transportation industry is skyrocketing in recent years, as its supply needs to keep up with the pace of its demand. This sphere focuses on moving people and goods, either by ground, water or air. It includes all modes of transportation, electric and autonomous vehicles, and transportation infrastructure, as well as space travel. Therefore, the development and improvement of such a field is crucial nowadays, and this fact attracts different funds that are willing to invest in it. North-American continent is extremely active in investment into Transportation. This is proven by the fact that the sum raised in funding rounds is $179.9B, which is 5.9% of the total amount of money raised in rounds in North America over the last 4 years. The following article demonstrates the information on top 20 VC funds and corporate investors on this continent according to their activity in the funding rounds.

Top 20 North-American Transportation Investors with the Biggest Sum of Funding Rounds
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Key takeaways

  • Funds GeographyThe United States includes all the VCs, which are equally spread among New York and California. These states host 9 funds each, followed by Washington and Maryland. Most of the funds, exactly 9 of them, are located in New York, and this city is followed by Menlo Park, San Francisco and Redmond in the total number of VCs. The most appealing investment geofocus are The United States, meaning that the location of the funds and their most frequent investments coincide.
  • Industry FocusBusiness Development, Gamification and Consumer spheres receive generous investments from the sampled VCs, although the most invested field is Finance.
  • Important YearsThe history begins from 1869, when the oldest fund from the sampled ones was founded. The youngest VC is only 3 years old, originating from the year of 2018. Most commonly the funds were established in 1995, making the most deals in the 2000-2021; still 2020 was the most successful for the majority of them. The mentioned VCs had the biggest number of successful exits in the period from 2006 to 2020, and 2018 became the most fortunate year, considering those events.
  • InvestmentsTraditionally, funds take part in 7-12 or 13-24 funding rounds in a year, with the minimum of participation rounds being 8 and the maximum reaching 951. The average of this factor is 206.8, while the median is twice lower: only 104.5. Some VCs have no lead investments, but the highest number of them reaches 276, meanwhile averaging at 57.0 and having the median of 19.5. The mentioned funds most commonly possess 2 lead investments. The index of difference in percentage points of lead investments from the average lies between -31.14 and 29.0. The most frequently seen value for this difference is 4.5, and it has an average of 4.71. Consequently, the sampled funds are the example of acting like lead investors, if comparing them to other ones.
  • Typical RoundsLate stage is most frequently seen in the behaviour of these funds, while Private Equity, Early and Debt stages stay behind. VCs tend to participate in the funding rounds in the teams of 5-6 or 4-5 investors. The average round size for these investors varies among 50-100 million and 100-500 million.  Mentioning Funds’ average multiplicator for portfolio companies at the last known valuation, it starts from 0.0 and skyrockets to 2000000000.0 at its highest point. The average value for this feature is 250055556.21, meanwhile the median is only 1.08. Usually, the funds’ multiplicator value reaches 494000000.0.
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