Content Industry in North America: Top 12 Most Active Private Equity Funding Rounds Investors

Content Industry in North America: Top 12 Most Active Private Equity Funding Rounds Investors


Nowadays people consume and produce huge amounts of content, thus the Content industry must organize this constant flow. Its main task is creating and managing content. This field includes content creators and creative agencies, discovery and delivery networks, and content management systems. Considering the vital importance of the development of such an industry, investors are highly engaged in investing into it. North-American funds are actively participating in the funding rounds, raising impressive sums of money. The amount of funding rounds in the Content field is 12, which makes 1.6% of the total amount of Private Equity rounds in North America over the last 2 years. The following article depicts the main information about the top 12 investors according to the total amount of funding rounds they have participated in.

Content Industry in North America: Top 12 Most Active Private Equity Funding Rounds Investors
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Key takeaways

  • Funds GeographyThe first country with the greatest amount of VCs is The United States, the second is Canada. All the funds are spread among these countries, with no density in just one place. The trend of investing into the home country of the funds can be noticed: The United States receives most of the resources of the investors, becoming the geofocus for all VCs.
  • Industry FocusThe sampled VCs are most attracted to the Finance field, investing more resources into it. They also actively support Enterprise Software, Business Development and Social.
  • Important YearsThe year of 1849 is the one when the oldest VC was founded, while 2014 was the year of creation of the youngest fund, and 2009 – the year of most funds’ establishment. In the period from 2000 to 2020 VCs made the most amount of deals, as far as for some funds 2020 still remains the most prolific time.
  • Investments2 funding rounds per year appears as the typical behaviour of the sampled VCs, sometimes this number varies in the range from 2 to 6. The minimum number of the funding rounds that VC took part in is 4, while the maximum is already 161. This value averages at 57.3, and its median has the value of 11.0. Moreover, most frequently the VCs take part in the 4 rounds. Speaking of lead investments, the minimum amount of them is just 1, whereas the maximum is 69. The average for this value is 17.3 and the median is quite lower, reaching the number of 3.5. Typically, VCs make 2 lead investments in their lifetime. The lead investments index of difference in percentage points lies between -71.0 and 14.71, with respect to its average value. This difference averages at -9.1, and its median reaches a higher point of -6.93. The most persistent value is -11.0, meaning that the sampled funds are not so active in acting like lead investors, in comparison with the other ones.
  • Typical RoundsThe most common round participation trend consists of 3-4 investors, and it’s followed by the tendention of 2-3 investors per round. The round size that is typical for most VCs is less than 100 thousands, the more rare range is 10-50 million. The Funds’ average multiplicator for portfolio companies reaches the points of 0.0 and 0.93 at its minimum and maximum, respectively. The mentioned value averages at 0.18 and has the 0.0 value both as its median and the most common multiplicator.
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