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Yuan Capital

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Headquarters Location

Hong Kong, Hong Kong


The VC's location is in Asia, Hong Kong. The the headquarters of this VC is in Hong Kong.

Deals in the range of 50 - 100 millions dollars are most common for this fund. In real terms, this VC performs 13 percentage points more exits than other funds. The fund typically enters into less than 2 deals annually. In comparison with other funds, Yuan Capital makes 7 percentage points less than the average number of lead investments. When Yuan Capital invests, the average start-up valuation is 500 millions - 1 billion dollars. The fund's activity peaked in 2014. The highest number of exits from this fund were in 2019.

The fund usually invests in rounds together with 7-8 others. Aside from Yuan Capital, start-ups are often funded by BlueRun Ventures, e.ventures, Kite Ventures and 8 other funds. Other VCs who often invest in the same rounds are Founders Fund, BlueRun Ventures, Glynn Capital Management, the total number of co-investors is 1. In subsequent rounds, the fund is usually joined by YF Capital (Yunfeng Capital), SoftBank Investment Advisers, Salesforce Ventures.

Among their most successful investment fields, we have identified Data Integration, Bitcoin. Also, because of its portfolio diversification tendency, we can highlight 13 more industries for this fund. Also, a start-up has to be aged 6-10 years to expect investment from this fund. Proteus Digital Health, Kabbage, Eureka Therapeutics are amongst the various portfolio companies of this fund. The country of its foundation and the country of the most frequent investments for the fund doesn't coincide - United States. In addition to this location, the fund participated in 2 other locations. The fund has no a preferred number of founders for start-ups that it invests in. When a start-up has 2 founders, the probability of closing the deal is low.

We also identified another 4 core personnel in our database.

Fund Activity

Not operative

Mail Rule [rules by which you can get an email of an interesting for you fund employee, knowing only the name and surname of this employee]

Domain name: nybaycapital.com; User name format in descending order of probability: first_initial last

Group Appearance [how often fund is operating separately from groups with shared interest]

100.0% of cases

Follow-on Index [how often fund is ready to support its portfolio startup at next rounds]

11.1% of cases

Average Multiplicator [the average ratio of the last valuation of portfolio startups to their total amount of financing raised]


Average Portfolio Company
Exit Age [the average age of portfolio startups at which they go public or become acquired]

1 years

Success / Strategy Similarity
Index [the matching between fund's investment strategy and its proved successes in the form of portfolio startups high valuations]

0.3 out of 1

Number of Unicorns [amount of portfolio companies, which were valuated at more then $1B]


Number of Minotaurs [amount of portfolio companies, which raised more then $1B in total]


Funds Investing in Previous

BlueRun Ventures, e.ventures, Kite Ventures

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