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Release April 28, 2021

  • Added portfolio analytics data to the tab on each fund page. You can now see even more detailed data about fund’s investments 🧐

Release April 19, 2021

Release April 14, 2021

  • Released Unicorn Nest v.2: an updated database of investors and decision makers. You can now discover more information about funds, see the latest deals, detailed investment breakdown. The data is aggregated based on 170,000+ rounds. Now you can dive into investor research and comparison 🤓

Release February 19, 2021

  • Created a new type of content — top lists of investors that are generated based on different criteria: industry, stage and geography. You find out what funds are crushing it on our rankings page.

Release February 3, 2021

  • Launched an automated news feed that provides a lot of actual data about the most recent deals on the market. Now you can check out the relevant news and filter the news by industry tag.


Release December 9, 2020

  • Updated search page in the product. You can now see highlighted and most relevant deals for the selected funds

Release December 4, 2020

Release November 6, 2020

  • Home page restyling
  • Added a changelog page (you are reading it now)

Release November 4, 2020

  • Connected website chat Now you can contact us with urgent questions.

Release October 30, 2020

  • An updated home page. And our first steps towards our mobile users — it’s responsive! 🎉
  • UN Product Update:
    • Some fields in the questionnaire renamed to be more clear to users
    • General layout UI/UX improvements
    • Fixes and stability improvements to the funds table
    • Security updates to our core components

Release October 6, 2020

  • Added new updated list of funds’ decision makers to the database

Release September 28, 2020

  • Updated the search page: added available decision makers for each fund when you make your searches

Release August 21, 2020

  • We have developed a system for calculating the success metric of the recommendations in our matching algorithms. This enhanced the quality of our search results.

Release August 10, 2020

  • Unlocked a light list of funds for free (up to 11 funds)
  • You can now export the demo Excel file with funds and key persons by clicking ‘Export’ on the search page

Release July 20, 2020

  • You can now read news and analytics about the deals on our Media portal 📊

Release July 10, 2020

  • Added two new fields in the startup questionnaire — Main revenue-generating country and Secondary Office. You can now get an even more precise list of funds 🔍

Release July 6, 2020

  • Added fund location both in the interface and in the exported list 🌍

Release June 18, 2020

  • Added links to the funds’ pages in our database so that you can discover additional information when you are making searches

Release May 28, 2020

  • Updated funds pages on the website. You can now learn more unique data about a fund that interests you

Release May 14, 2020

  • Added a possibility to subscribe to Unicorn Nest as a fund
  • Updated the database of decision makers

Release May 7, 2020

  • Funds now also can reply to the comment left on their page

Release April 29, 2020

  • Launched a free dataset with all the 26,500 funds in our database 🗃

Release April 27, 2020

  • Now you can leave reviews about funds on their pages in our database 📯

Release March 31, 2020

  • Improved debugging system to detect inaccurate searches 🐛

Release March 30, 2020

  • Improved UX of the exported Excel file:
    • column width changed
    • header fixed

Release March 20, 2020

  • Added decision makers data to the exported file

Release March 3, 2020 — Unicorn Nest Service Launch 🚀

  • Unicorn Nest Product launch! Startups can now find their perfect investor by typing just a couple of criteria

Release January 17, 2020

Release December 14, 2019

  • We have launched a content portal and have published the first interview. From now on we will be regularly posting interviews with funds’ decision makers around the world.


Q3 of 2019

  • Started collecting data about corporate investors.
  • Launched free chatbots in Telegram and Facebook that provided clients with information about any fund from our database.

1H of 2019

  • We have collected the largest public database of unicorns and funds that have invested in it.
  • Started collecting data on all notable venture capital deals, not just those related to unicorn startups.
  • Began to regularly publish analytics on our Medium blog about various aspects of the unicorn startups and VCs that invested in them.
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